Year End Thoughts

New Years Eve 2010 – Everyone is taking a look back at the passing year. Much has happened, but for photographers the most poignant news was the end of Kodachrome. I said my goodbye a while back (“Goodbye Kodachrome”). Today I again sorted through some old slides – Kodachromes from half a century past. One struck me as familiar: a white flower, like one I photographed a short time ago.

Ludwig with camera 1956













I was struck by the difference – the seeing, the technique. Photography has been a fun hobby – there is always more to learn. It is illuminating to see how my style has changed. Of course that is not all that has changed. Different technology, different cameras. Fifty years ago Kodachrome Garden41reigned supreme. Cameras had a long way to go before automatic exposure control would become routine.


Ludwig with camera 2009








Automatic focus was not yet dreamed of, digital photography still unimagined. It was a fascinating time, I enjoyed being part of the evolution and revolution. 

The small pictures show that time also takes its toll.

2 comments on “Year End Thoughts

  1. chriscaff says:

    We mature like good wine! It’s great that you’ve enjoyed the journey. That’s kind of the point, isn’t it? You’ll have a lot you could teach others. Happy new year.


  2. LudwigKeck says:

    Thank you Chris! I will drink to that!


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