More than a stitch

Assembling panoramas with Photo Gallery

There was a time when panoramic pictures were laboriously assembled with straightedges and knives and sticky tape. Then came photo editing software did not do much more than help you align the edges. But all that was long ago, it is amazing what today’s tools can do. The one I reach for first is Photo Gallery. It is impressive to see how well it works.

There is a favorite barn that I like photographing under various light and in different seasons. Walking by recently, I thought I would see how wide a picture I can get with my smartphone. The 24mm equivalent wide angle was not wide enough. So I also took a shot toward each end. Before I show you my originals, here is the uncropped result from Photo Gallery.


Photo Gallery warps the images, matches and blends them together. For those who are interested in the math and science, here is some if the metadata Photo Gallery writes into the resulting image file.


What is not at all obvious from the picture above, is that the individual photos did not match in exposure. Take a look.




Digital Pictures Basics - 2012No corrections were made to the images before submitting them to the panorama tool in Photo Gallery. The left shot was more than a stop underexposed compared to the others. That was no problem for Photo Gallery.


In all fairness I must admit to being a big fan of Windows Photo Gallery. Enough so that I have written my second book about it.

You just might like to take a look.



© 2012 Ludwig Keck


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