Monday Window Blogging

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Participate in the “Monday Window” weekly post. Sharpen your photography skills, blogging techniques, and enjoy what others do on the same topic. You will find it fun and inspiring.

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6 comments on “Monday Window Blogging

  1. Helen Bushe says:

    Yip! Thinking about Windows right now!


  2. Helen Bushe says:

    Well, that’s me signed up and have post scheduled to publish next Monday.


  3. Helen Bushe says:

    Hi. Just published a Monday Window post on PHOTOPHILE at


  4. Hi Ludwig. I got your note on my “Overexposed” blog post and understand this is not quite what you are looking for. So as not to confuse my readers, I thought I should bring my questions here.

    Are you perhaps wanting only exterior windows? Or full windows, not partials? Or is it that the window must be the primary focus of the photograph rather than part of the composition and contributor of light. I probably won’t have appropriate posts to contribute too often, but I’ll try to come up with creative ways to incorporate windows into my overall theme that also meet your criteria, once I understand them better.

    Best wishes, and thanks again for hosting this event.

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    • Ludwig says:

      Monday Window is for any kind of window or windows, large, small, inside, outside, on buildings, houses, toys, shops, whatever. The window should be the main subject. Note “should”, it’s ok to stretch the definition. This is for fun. If you think it fits, then it qualifies!


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