Departure on the Green

Our Peachtree Corners Town Center concert with Departure

Our live music series on “the Green” brought Departure – the Journey Tribute Band to town

Evening concerts are a challenge for me, my aging eyesight and bones. Here is a selection from my “take”. I tried to bring out the feeling of the music with the colorful lighting and some “enhancements”.

One photo just seemed too “colorful” – here with an added B&W version

The crowd really got into the music. There was dancing in the aisles.

In keeping with the testing the week before all photos were taken at f/4. Shutter speed and ISO to accommodate the fading light and lighting conditions.


.:. © 2019 Ludwig Keck

4 comments on “Departure on the Green

  1. Beatrice says:

    Hi Ludwig, somehow I missed visiting this blog post. You really captured the spirit of this event. It almost made me feel like i was there as well.


    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you, Beatrice. I know, I have too many blogs. But I just hate to give up any one.
      Glad you liked the “concert”, next comes the “Light Up The Corners” event. Not sure where I will start posting those photos.


  2. Beatrice says:

    Just as an aside, the ads seem to get in the way of the post and I wonder if it’s really necessary to have them on the blog. I know many other bloggers always have ads and to be honest they are not something I enjoy seeing.


    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you Beatrice. With WordPress.COM blogs the blogger has no control over the gruesome ads. WordPress puts those in. All I get to see is a notice that “ads will appear here”. And that is followed with a pitch for a paid upgrade that will get rid of the ugly interruptions. Self-hosted sites don’t have those ads, but WordPress will not list them in the WordPress Reader. Maybe I will start to just post short links to an ad-free place. Nobody reads my “Ramblings” over on my main site, maybe that’s a way forward …


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