Masking and compositing

As I was working on my street photography project, I came across some photos of a folk arts festival from some nine years ago. One of the photos of a young actor had always appealed to me, but I never shared it. It just never made the grade.

Here is a photo of a group of young dancers getting ready for their act. They were quietly going through some of their steps.

The make-ready area was a good place for getting close to the actors, and I did so with a number of them. Here are the two “warriors”.

The busy background of the pensive boy just ruined that photo. The other one had a better background, but the facial expression is not as compelling as the first one. None of these photos seemed fit for my street photography project but I decided to play with the images.

The muted background seemed that it would help the portrait of the pensive boy. I used Topaz Mask AI calling it from PaintShop Pro. That tool does a very nice job of finding edges. The fine hair of the furry costume was easily selected, as were the stray hair. Then I selected the background from the other image. I put the selections into different layers so I could position them to best effect.

I cloned some of the background areas to enlarge the background image sufficiently so it would cover the background area.

Here is resulting composite image.

A much more successful portrait. The manipulation. of course, made it unsuitable for the street photography project, but seems quite acceptable for my portrait library over at Ludwig.Gallery.

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