Time to update your camera settings

Update you camera for the new year

Now that we have rolled into the new year it is a good idea to update the settings that show the year in your camera. If your camera adds EXIF, or metadata, for the copyright to your photo file then it likely needs updating.

The moment you press the shutter release you have a copyright in the resulting image, at least here in the USA. Most photographers also make sure that the metadata contains this information. Many cameras will add that data into the file of the photo.

I like to have the full line, “Copyright © 2015 Ludwig Keck. All rights reserved.” included in the metadata of my photos. Most cameras do not provide the copyright symbol, ©, as part of the character set. It is perfectly proper to substitute “(c)”.


Cameras that do not write to the copyright field likely do provide for a comment string. I like to use that field for copyright information as well.


While you are updating the settings, take a look and see if the time has drifted off. Might as well start the new year with accurate time information also.

NOTE: Above I said that the mere act of pressing the shutter release creates the copyright for you. That is also the case if you lend your camera to a friend. The friend legally has the resulting rights even if the EXIF data shows your name. It might be a good idea to reset or turn off the copyright recording when you part with your camera. That also goes for the “author” field.  Not that your friend would be much inconvenienced. It is very easy to strip or to replace the comment., author and copyright information in the file.

Now that you are all set, have a great year of shooting!


© 2015 Ludwig Keck